Two New Rep Firms Appointed

August, 2015-DT Heaters and Controls, a leading source of electric heating elements, solid state relays and PID Temperature Controllers is pleased to announce the appointment of two new representative firms for the Midwest US. Effective July 15th, Stress Analysis Services will be DT Heaters and Controls representative for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, whereas Transducers, Measurements, Instruments, Inc will be in charge of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Utah.

DT Heaters and Controls is strengthening its compelling product portfolio representation with the addition of two Manufacturer’s Representative Firms with the appointment of two new representative firms: Stress Analysis Services (SAS) & Transducers, Measurements, Instruments, Inc. (TMI).

Founded in 1966 and based in Ohio-SAS is a premier representative firm of OEM and Test & measurement components and equipment, that provide their customers unique technical expertise and engineering know how in addition to quality products. Likewise TMI, founded in 1987 has a strong reputation of assisting the engineer in the R&D lab trying to solve difficult applications, with unique technical solutions, that get the job done on time and within budget.

Both organizations will have complete access to DT Heaters and Controls complete product portfolio which included our latest technology Alumina cartridge heaters and flow through heaters. These heaters which over- come some of the many challenges faced by designers of medical devices, offer extremely low leakage current at line voltages, which may eliminate the need for a medical grade power supply. These are a good alternative when a Kapton heater can’t provide the required watt density or packaging to get the job done.

“We are thrilled to have Stress Analysis Services & Transducers, Measurements, Instruments, Inc. representing us in the Midwest territory. Their teams of dedicated professionals show proven experience and field knowledge which will be instrumental in our growth plans for the region. We look forward to fruitful collaboration.”