Better quality and lower pricing on Cast Aluminum Heaters

Aluminum Heater
Better quality Cast Aluminum part

When companies think about buying foreign made custom components, they often think the quality will be inferior. As the images clearly show, that’s not always the case.

You can see that the original sample provided to us from a USA producer was lower quality then even our first poured parts.

Why is DT Heaters and Controls able to provide superior quality cast electric heating elements?

For starters we have partnered with excellent foreign suppliers who have excellent quality. In the case of the cast aluminum electric heaters, our quality is further improved by only using hard steel molds, as opposed to wooden and sand casting. Another thing we do is only use virgin high quality aluminum in our castings. By not using our scrap we don’t experience contamination of our pours.

Is DT Heaters and Controls always lower cost then other suppliers of custom electric heaters?

Though we aim to provide a cost savings of 20% from other suppliers we aren’t always able to do that and sometimes even cost more. This is especially true on heavy cast aluminum heaters in low quantity releases. Though our cost to produce the heaters may be lower, the costs associated with shipping, can often eliminate the savings. If your production demand will handle it, we can often reduce the high shipping cost by producing a larger volume and implementing a Just In Time or consignment inventory agreement. This is why a target price is critical.

Better Quality Cast Heaters
Samples of cast aluminum electric heaters
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater

Does your Plastic Injection Mold Need to Work Without Thermocouples?

Does your Plastic Injection Mold Need to Work Without Thermocouples?


For Plastics manufacturers, some of their plastic injection molds need to run in manual mode without a thermocouple connection, even when it is repowered, the controller should default back to Manual Mode.  Typically for safety reasons the most of the controllers on the market return to Normal mode (auto) after power is cycled.  This can require the operator to change the controller back to manual mode every time.  This can lead to costly errors on the production line and increase startup time.


In order to make the card more efficient for these operators, and reduce startup times DT Heaters and Controls New Upgraded Hot Runner Temperature Controller, allow you to program the manual function to be the default when power is cycled! This manual mode function of our temperature controller helps speed up your setup changeovers for hot runner systems that need to return to manual mode


For details please contact us!

Two New Rep Firms Appointed

August, 2015-DT Heaters and Controls, a leading source of electric heating elements, solid state relays and PID Temperature Controllers is pleased to announce the appointment of two new representative firms for the Midwest US. Effective July 15th, Stress Analysis Services will be DT Heaters and Controls representative for Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, whereas Transducers, Measurements, Instruments, Inc will be in charge of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Utah.

DT Heaters and Controls is strengthening its compelling product portfolio representation with the addition of two Manufacturer’s Representative Firms with the appointment of two new representative firms: Stress Analysis Services (SAS) & Transducers, Measurements, Instruments, Inc. (TMI).

Founded in 1966 and based in Ohio-SAS is a premier representative firm of OEM and Test & measurement components and equipment, that provide their customers unique technical expertise and engineering know how in addition to quality products. Likewise TMI, founded in 1987 has a strong reputation of assisting the engineer in the R&D lab trying to solve difficult applications, with unique technical solutions, that get the job done on time and within budget.

Both organizations will have complete access to DT Heaters and Controls complete product portfolio which included our latest technology Alumina cartridge heaters and flow through heaters. These heaters which over- come some of the many challenges faced by designers of medical devices, offer extremely low leakage current at line voltages, which may eliminate the need for a medical grade power supply. These are a good alternative when a Kapton heater can’t provide the required watt density or packaging to get the job done.

“We are thrilled to have Stress Analysis Services & Transducers, Measurements, Instruments, Inc. representing us in the Midwest territory. Their teams of dedicated professionals show proven experience and field knowledge which will be instrumental in our growth plans for the region. We look forward to fruitful collaboration.”

Cartridge Heater that won’t corrode is it possible? Maybe…

Cartridge heater corrosion resistant
Cartridge heater corrosion resistant small and large size

Cartridge heaters come in many shapes and sizes, and the outer tube can be made from a variety of materials.  The most common of these materials are 304 Stainless Steel or 304 SS, 316 SS, Inconel or other metals such as brass.  However, as you are probably aware, most of these metals though offering good corrosion resistance on their own, when combined with the right mixture of dissimilar metals, liquid catalyst, and elevated temperatures results in a rapid corrosion and premature failure of the electric heating element.  When it comes to really nasty stuff like hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid forget about it.

For example if you use a 316 stainless steel cartridge heater in deionized water or water with chlorine, the heat generated by the cartridge heating element, actually accelerates the corrosion process resulting in premature failure of the cartridge heater.  This process can be slowed down by passivating or electro-polishing the stainless steel sheath of the heating element or adding a protective coating like Teflon.  However, the down side to these corrosion prevention methods is they add time and costs to manufacturing your cartridge or tubular heating elements.

A better solution to cartridge heater corrosion might be to use an alumina cartridge heater from DT Heaters and Controls.  These cartridge heaters offer superior thermal properties and chemical compatibility over traditional cartridge heater designs.

Features and benefits:

  • High Watt Density
  • Rapid Thermal Response
  • Direct Contact with Water and Metal
  • Long Heater Life
  • Oxidation Free Design
  • Low Leakage Current
  • Inert to most Chemicals
  • Flow Through Design

Athena DME PCS Compatible Replacement Card Offer

For the month of June and July you can buy replacement cards for your Hot Runner Systems for only $120 apiece.

Features and Benefits:
• Compatible Yudo, Athena, DME, PCS, Incoe
• Dual lines LED Display per module, easy operation
• Switch freely between auto, manual, and standby functions
• PID auto temperature control
• Selectable two thermocouple types (J/K )
• Selectable two temperature scales (°C /°F)
• Selectable two trigger output modes (zero cross or phase angle)
• Load Capacity 15A @ 240V
• Multi-diagnostic and alarm function
• Multi self-protection and equipment-protect function
• Selectable two start modes (soft-start and full speed)
• 30 Day buy and try money back guarantee

Manufacturing Custom Electric Heaters for OEMS

We specialize in producing custom electric heaters, sensors, power relays and controls for small to mid-size Original Equipment Manufacturers in a wide range of industries including:
– Medical
– Semiconductor
– Analytical Instrumentation
– Food Equipment
– Plastic and Packaging Equipment
– Aerospace Industries
– And More
Our experienced team works with you to design custom electric heater solutions to fit your unique requirements. DT Heaters & Controls provides one-stop shopping for all your thermal needs.
Some of the custom products we offer include:

Cartridge Heaters
Polyimide Heaters
Pump Line Heating
Tubular Heaters
Mica Band Heaters
Cable Heaters
Nozzle Heaters
Flexible heaters
Silicon Rubber Heaters
Hot Runner temperature controls
Auto-tune PID temperature controllers
Solid State Relays
Phase Angle Fired SCR
And More
So whether you are looking for a tubular heater for a new fryer, or a 0.2mm thick polyimide heater for your new thermal chuck, give us a call at 1-401-234-0449 for your custom heater or control.