Cartridge Heater

Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters manufactured by DT Heaters & Controls are for OEM commercial and industrial electric heating applications. The cartridge heaters, made with nichrome  resistance wire, can be made in both AC and DC configurations depending upon your custom needs.  The resistance wire is surrounded by MGO insulation and encapsulated in a stainless steel tube before compacted.  This provides a robust cartridge heater design as small as 3 mm or 1/8″ in diameter.  The typical watt density of our cartridge heaters are in the 50-75 Watts per square inch.  However in certain applications like plastic injection mold heating we can achieve watt densities as high as 350 Watts per square inch in our custom made cartridge heaters.  In addition to the high watt densities and our industry leading low prices, we can incorporate welded NPT threads, Stainless Steel Hose & Stainless Steel Braid into our robust cartridge heaters.  In addition DT designs a variety of Temperature Sensors for the OEM manufacturers of industrial and commercial applications.  We also provide SSR’s for power switching of your electric cartridge heater.  Single loop PID temperature controllers round out your complete thermal solution.


The unique feature found in an Electric Cartridge Heater is it’s ability to be made impervious to water and other fluids.  This can be accomplished by welding a flange onto the end of the cartridge heater.  Another way to make the cartridge heaters suitable for water applications is to use a compression fitting gland.  This is typically best reserved for lower temperature applications.  Probably the best method of making a cartridge heater for a water application is to weld a NPT pipe thread onto the end of the cartridge heater.


Link to new rust free cartridge heater design


Features and Benefits

  • Swagged sheath
  • Custom size lengths and diameters
  • Split sheath option
  • Metric dimensions available
  • Optional leads & designs available
Performance Ratings Electrical Ratings Physical Size Construction Limitations 
Maximum Temperature:Up to 1400° FMaximum Voltage:480VACMinimum Diameter:1/8" (3.175mm)
Nominal Watt Density:100 W/in²Maximum Amperage:16.9Diameter Tolerance:+0/-0.004"
Maximum Watt Density:350 W/in²Resistance Tolerance:+10% -5%Length Tolerance:±2%
Wattage Tolerance:+5% -10%Maximum Diameter:3/4" (19.05mm)


  • Molds & dies
  • Fluid heating
  • Adhesive system heating
  • Packaging equipment
  • Labeling equipment
  • Plastic extruders
  • Food Processors


Diameter  Voltage Lead Types Internal Thermocouple Lead Protection Options Mounting Types 
A1/8"120V1FGFiberglassAJ type DiskSSStainless BraidSTSingle NPT Threads
B1/4"240V2TFTeflonBJ CoreSHStainless HoseDTDouble NPT Threads
C3/8"48V3SRSilicon RubberCJ ProcessRSSRight Angle SSMFMounting Flange
D1/2"480V4DK type DiskRSHRight Angle SB0None
E5/8"OtherXEK CoreRARight Angle
F3/4"FK Process0None