Cast Aluminum Heater

Cast Aluminum Heaters  

DT Heaters & Controls fabricates commercial and industrial electric heating and control systems to meet your application requirements. DT produces Cast-In Heaters of aluminum and bronze. We offer precise design and manufacturing to meet our customer’s mechanical, temperature and reliability requirements. The Cast-In Heaters can be manufactured with one or multiple electrical heating elements with excellent thermal conductivity, to meet your specific design and thermal performance requirements. Our production capabilities range from large quantities of simple platens found in the food or semiconductor industries to complex geometries requiring secondary machining to meet the demands of your precision components.  

Features and Benefits

  • Hi-watt densities
  • Multiple shapes or sizes can be made
  • Available in aluminum and bronze
  • Fins, tubes, and mounting pins can be cast into the heater
  • Secondary machining for precision control


  • Extruder Barrels
  • Heated Molds
  • Waffle Irons
  • Electric Griddles
  • Food warmers
  • T-Shirt Press machines



Aluminum Heater
Better quality Cast Aluminum part