Tubular Heating Elements

Tubular Heaters

DT Heaters manufactures custom straight, formed, and finned Tubular Heating Elements for commercial and industrial OEMs. We work directly with you when designing and manufacturing your custom tubular heater to meet your application’s requirements.

Tubular Heaters

Our Tubular Heating Elements are designed to fit your needs to heat liquids, gases and surfaces through heat transfer by conduction, convection or radiation. The primary application for Tubular Heaters is either immersion or air & gas heating applications. However, over the years many customers have found other uses for these robust heaters. For example they can be clamped to objects such as vessels and tanks, fitted into milled groove platens, or used to radiate heat to keep food warmer.

Heaters are available in many watt densities and tube diameters. They can further be custom configured with different lead terminations and bent into custom formations.

Finned Tubular Heaters

DT Finned Tubular Heaters are designed with the same rugged structure as our Tubular heaters. These heaters are for use in convection heating applications.   The fin is fully brazed to the heater for highest heat dissipation and performance. Finned Tubular Heaters are exceptional for heating air and numerous gases in forced and natural convection applications. Our heaters are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements.   They are custom designed to improve heat transfer to the air and permits putting more wattage into the heater while maintaining a lower watt density. This results in a more compact heater with a longer heater life, than a non-finned version.

Features and Benefits

  • Optional fins for lower watt density
  • End seals to protect against moisture
  • Multiple alloys to choose from to meet the demands of your application
  • Factory bending available to your print
  • Popular mounting options and termination styles at no extra charge
  • Watt densities as high as 120 W/in2
  • CE component recognition
  • ROHS compliant

Typical Applications

  • Oven heating
  • Radiant food warming
  • Cooking oil heating
  • Platen, die, and metal mold heating
  • Forced air heating
  • Process gas heating
  • Medical device heating
  • And more…



Technical SpecificationsTubular HeatersFinned Tubular heaters
Max Temp STD SheathUp to 1600*FUp to 1600*F
Nominal Watt Density40-60 WSI40-60 WSI
Max Watt DensityUp to 120 WSIUp to 120 WSI
Max Voltage600 V600 V
Dual Voltage or 3 phaseAvailableAvailable
Maximum Amperage Lead Wires60 Amps60 Amps
Resistance Tolerance-5%, +10%-5%, +10%
Wattage Tolerance+10%, -5%+10%, -5%
Diameters Available0.260" -0.475"0.260" -0.475"
Min Bend Radius0.45"-0.88"3/4" -1"
Max Length Available180"-420"180"-420"
Length Toerance+/-0.5% to +/-1% of total length+/-0.5% to +/-1% of total length