Manufacturing Custom Electric Heaters for OEMS

We specialize in producing custom electric heaters, sensors, power relays and controls for small to mid-size Original Equipment Manufacturers in a wide range of industries including:
– Medical
– Semiconductor
– Analytical Instrumentation
– Food Equipment
– Plastic and Packaging Equipment
– Aerospace Industries
– And More
Our experienced team works with you to design custom electric heater solutions to fit your unique requirements. DT Heaters & Controls provides one-stop shopping for all your thermal needs.
Some of the custom products we offer include:

Cartridge Heaters
Polyimide Heaters
Pump Line Heating
Tubular Heaters
Mica Band Heaters
Cable Heaters
Nozzle Heaters
Flexible heaters
Silicon Rubber Heaters
Hot Runner temperature controls
Auto-tune PID temperature controllers
Solid State Relays
Phase Angle Fired SCR
And More
So whether you are looking for a tubular heater for a new fryer, or a 0.2mm thick polyimide heater for your new thermal chuck, give us a call at 1-401-234-0449 for your custom heater or control.