Solid State Relay Power Electronics

Solid State Relays, SSR, SCR

DT Heaters and Controls offers both three  phase and single phase Solid State Relays up to 100A of current.  These are excellent mercury displacement relay replacements.  Both our Single & 3 phase model SSRs and SCR’s electrical relays are solid state devices that come with an indicator light to aid in trouble shooting your system.  The CE certified Solid State Relays and SCR components have a plastic cover to prevent users from accidentally touching the high voltage terminals.  The DH Series uses zero cross firing to prolong heater life, where as the VR Series allows phase angle firing for precise voltage regulation to the load.  In addition appropriately sized heat sinks are also available with all machining to mount the Solid State Relay or SCR and a fan to the heat sink.

single phase relay zero cross DC control pricing

Part #DescriptionSingle Piece Price
DT-1-10A-D310A, input 3-32V DC, 480V AC $16.80
DT-1-25A-D325A, input 3-32V DC, 480V AC $21.60
DT-1-40A-D340A, input 3-32V DC, 480V AC $37.60
DT-1-60A-D3 60A, input 3-32V DC, 480V AC $45.60
DT-1-80A-D380A, input 3-32V DC, 480V AC $53.6
DT-1-100A-D3100A, input 3-32V DC, 480V AC $67.20
DT-1-120A-D3120A, input 3-32V DC, 480V AC $78.42


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Select Quantity 25A SSR

Solid State Relays (Single-phase and Three-phase)


Performance RatingsElectrical RatingsPhysical Size Construction Limitations
Technical SpecDT-1-XXA-48-D3DT-3-XXA-48-D3Technical SpecDT-1-XXA-48-D3DT-3-XXA-48-D3Technical SpecDT-1-XXA-48-D3DT-3-XXA-48-D3
Single-phase DC-ACThree-phase DC-ACSingle-phase DC-ACThree-phase DC-ACSingle-phase DC-ACThree-phase DC-AC
Load current25A, 40A, 50A, 60A, 80A, 90A, 100A40A, 60A, 80A, 100ALeakage current≤ 2mA≤ 10mAMounting methodbolt fixedbolt fixed
Load voltage24–480VAC480VACOn-off time≤ 10mS≤ 10mSWorking indicationLEDLED
Input voltage3–32VDC3–32VDCDielectric strength2500VAC2500VACWeight90g (25A); 35g above 40A450g
Input currentDC3–25mA10–68mAInsulation resistance1000M Ω 500VDC1000M Ω 500VDC
Voltage drop≤ 1.5V≤ 1.8VAmbient temperature-30–+75°C-30–+75°C

Single-phase Angle-fired Solid State Relay

Fully Isolated Phase Angle Fired Solid State Relays

VoltageCurrentModel Number
Load 220V40ADT1-220-X-40-D3
Load 220V80ADT1-220-X-80-D3
Load 220V120ADT1-220-X-120-D3
Load 380V40ADT1-380-X-40-D3
Load 380V80ADT1-380-X-80-D3
Load 380V120ADT1-380-X-120-D3

Heat Sinks

Technical SpecsDT-I60DT-W72DT-W100DT-T80DT-H150DT-Y150DT-Y150
Size (L´W´H) mm60 ´ 50 ´ 5072 ´ 100 ´ 50100 ´ 100 ´ 50100 ´ 70 ´ 80150 ´ 100 ´ 80150 ´ 125 ´ 135150 ´ 125 ´ 135
Single-phase Current rating15A40A60A80 A35A<220A<220A
Three Phase Current RatingN/AN/AN/AN/A75A<210 A<210 A
Fan MountingN/AN/AN/AN/AYesYesYes