Better quality and lower pricing on Cast Aluminum Heaters

Aluminum Heater
Better quality Cast Aluminum part

When companies think about buying foreign made custom components, they often think the quality will be inferior. As the images clearly show, that’s not always the case.

You can see that the original sample provided to us from a USA producer was lower quality then even our first poured parts.

Why is DT Heaters and Controls able to provide superior quality cast electric heating elements?

For starters we have partnered with excellent foreign suppliers who have excellent quality. In the case of the cast aluminum electric heaters, our quality is further improved by only using hard steel molds, as opposed to wooden and sand casting. Another thing we do is only use virgin high quality aluminum in our castings. By not using our scrap we don’t experience contamination of our pours.

Is DT Heaters and Controls always lower cost then other suppliers of custom electric heaters?

Though we aim to provide a cost savings of 20% from other suppliers we aren’t always able to do that and sometimes even cost more. This is especially true on heavy cast aluminum heaters in low quantity releases. Though our cost to produce the heaters may be lower, the costs associated with shipping, can often eliminate the savings. If your production demand will handle it, we can often reduce the high shipping cost by producing a larger volume and implementing a Just In Time or consignment inventory agreement. This is why a target price is critical.

Better Quality Cast Heaters
Samples of cast aluminum electric heaters
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater
Quality Cast Aluminum Heater