Thermocouple Sensors

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Thermocouple sensors (TC’s) manufactured by DT Heaters & Controls for commercial and industrial OEMs of small to mid-size volume.  DT designs a variety of temperature sensors and RTD Sensors for the OEM manufacturers of industrial and commercial applications. TC Sensors are used to measure temperature in countless different industrial processes and applications.   Our TC’s are custom designed to meet the needs of OEMs. We can offer a wide variety of packaging options for your sensor and RTDs, as well as bulk wire, mineral insulated cable, connectors and mounting hardware.

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The basic operation of a TC is that when two different metals are connected the junction of their connection will create a voltage.  The voltage that is generated by the thermocouple junction must then be read by a device.  The quality of the measurement devise usually dictates the reliability of your temperature measurement.  TC temperature measurements are susceptible to electromagnetic interference.  Good quality Thermocouple measurement devices often have common mode noise rejection, which helps to overcome the EMF noise.

Thermocouple Specifications

Thermocouple Sensors

Thermocouple Calibration Type


Thermocouple Options

MountingLead ProtectionLead ConnectorsBends
NoneFiberglassFlying Lead45 Degree Angle
FlangePTFE-TeflonSpade Lug60 Degree Angle
BayonetStainless Steel OverbraidTC Connector MiniOther Bends Available Upon Request
NPT Threaded FittingArmor CableTC Connector Standard